Green Circle with EcoReps title with a yellow housing emoji and 3 people together representing residence community

What is EcoReps?

Ecoreps is a student-led in-campus effort to create and encourage sustainable and environmentally responsible behavior within Res Hall students. The program seeks to impart professional training for green jobs while also implementing strategies to minimize negative sustainability consequences and impacts from residents. This concept therefore provides training and application for new skills within the Residence Hall landscape. 

Projects and programs have historically focused on: overall waste reduction and waste sorting education, implementation of the green room certification program, events and activities that are fun and build cohesion between residents, greater participation in bike share and bus for sustainable transportation, achieving energy and water reductions, networking with environmental justice organizations on campus, food waste reduction, and more!

7 EcoRep team members including supervisor Katie, RSA Jymanii, coordinator Indigo, RHA rep Mackenzie, RA Natalie, sustainability Intern Kylie, and volunteer Clara


Interested in getting involved?

Prospective EcoReps participants will be asked to submit an application to participate, defining their interest in the program and what they hope to learn from the experience. The application will be open throughout the 2024 spring semester in hopes to continue growing our cohort. Students who have participated in previous semesters will have the option to participate again and will also be able to assist in the recruitment process. Participants in the program are expected to volunteer three to eight hours per week during the academic school year. Members will recieve catered meals at selected events, an EcoReps hoodie, and as desired, can request course credit and letters of recommendation.

Get involved or sign up:

  • Sign up by submitting the application here!

  • Stay on the lookout for flyers posted with event details

Why is an EcoReps ground needed at Cal Poly Humboldt? 

Ecoreps compliments Cal poly Humboldt’s existing initiatives by providing workshops to develop leadership skills, creating new habits and practices, teaching entry-level professionals how to evaluate and address social, economic, and environmental aspects of organizations, undertaking and developing new sustainability projects, creating a sense of community, and encouraging participants to take these learned experiences and skills from Cal Poly Humboldt into the world and to other organizations. 

  • There are two audiences for Residents to participate in the program:

  1. Join as a participant to become an actual “EcoRep” or peer educator. EcoReps attend weekly team meetings, lead workshops, activities and train their peers on sustainability. 

  2. Attend one-off events and activities as a member of the larger Resident population. Residents will be encouraged to attend workshops, activities, and trainings led by the selected EcoRep peers.


Pilot year project successes

EcoTopia - Dec 2, 2023

EcoReps first event consisted of tables where students could interact and learn about different ways they can engage in sustainable action. CCAT, WRRAP and The Food Sovereignty Lab connected with the students on information about their organization. A crafting table with materials sourced from campus encouraged students to make a memorable gift for themselves or others. A waste sorting relay race made an exciting way to sort waste while competing against friends for a low waste prize. Housing and Res Life supported the event by funding pizza and extra materials. Natalie Calderon a member of the cohort and a Resident Advisor (RA) for Housing and Res Life took the lead. 

  • Core partner groups: Housing and Res life, CCAT, WRRAP, Food sovereignty lab

 EcoTopia flyer displayed with time, date, location, materials provided, and accommodation request. Image of two people hugging a heart shaped world, painting canvas with event information, and a pizza image.

Valentines Sustainability Tea Party - February 13, 2023 

EcoReps partnered with WRRAP to host an event where students could create Valentine gifts using materials resourced on campus at a no cost and low impact. Students had the oppurtunity to enjoy tea, take photos at a valentines themed photo booth, and learn about other campus organizations along the way.

  • Core partner groups: WRRAP, CCAT, Northcoast Rape Crisis Team, KRFH, ROSE house, ERC, Women’s Resource Center) 

 Valentines tea party event image of one of the crafting tables with pink and purple  donated vintage Humboldt state t-shirts free to decorate and upcycle , students in the background decorating valentines gifts

Compost Workshop - February 19, 2023

EcoReps and WRRAP partnered together to teach students about composting and the process utilized on campus. Students received an informative tour of the Earth Tub at Facilities Management. The students were encouraged to help harvest and test the compost. At the end of the tour students were able to fill a mason jar with compost to take home. 

  • Core partner groups: WRRAP

 Green Campus & WRRAP compost site tour Sunday feb 18th @ 12pm @ marketplace , further questions contact “come on an informative tour to the campus composting unit and walk away with your own jar of compost

DIY Day - April 17, 2023

EcoReps hosted this event during Earth Week Every Week. There was a crafting table with materials sourced from campus for students to upcycle and create memorabilia. The cohort led a waste sorting relay race activity with a chance to win a low waste prize. CCAT guided students in creating native seed bombs to spread around the community. WRRAP encouraged students to decorate 4 themed birdhouses to give away at the Sustain 50 attendees

  • Core partner groups: WRRAP, CCAT 

 5 EcoReps smiling infront of the crafting table at the DIY day event. Crafting supplies donated and sourced from campus are on the table infront of the cohort members. Some members are holding up socks and  HSU t-shirts they upcycled

Sustainability Self Care - May 3, 2023 

EcoReps partnered with Housing and Res Life to provide a relaxing space for students to unwind before finals week. Calm music played quietly while students made natural sugar scrubs out of honey, lemon, and sugar. Coloring pages and art supplies along with drinks and snacks were provided. Sustainably sourced self care items were given out to students on their way out.  Natalie Calderon a member of the cohort and a Resident Advisor (RA) for Housing and Res Life took the lead. 

  •  Core partner groups: Housing and Res life

 sustainable Self Care flyer  5/3 from 6pm-8pm Klamath River Room JGC 3rd floor , “join EcoReps , DIY sugar scrubs, free snacks and refreshments, sustainable mug and self care items, disability request information and contact